xavier leton
Since 2002
Works in Marseille France

Xavier Leton (xavier@confetti.org) is an artist and a critic of new media. He has designed and realized confetti.org which is an artistic site, and lettrea.com which features an art catalog.
The site confetti.org collates animation technics, poetry, cinema, and installation practices. Through these various artistic practices, Xavier Leton sounds the reader about the deep relationship between texts and images, with the desire of eventually setting up an autonomous creation area where both readers and producers would share the various constraints underlying both actions, reading and realizing. Through constraining readings, Leton incites each visitor to directly participate to the realization of an art work, granting her a role where she may criticize both the creation process and the artist's function.
Leton was born in belgium and studied History of Arts and Anthropology at the "Universt