Yael Kanarek
Since the beginning
Works in New York, New York United States of America

b. 1967, United States; raised in Israel
Lives and works in New York City

Yael Kanarek’s creative practice centers on the evolution of the Modern Self to the Networked Self. She works in many media including net art, silicone and videoclocks. She often works with multiple languages, shuffling their physical properties (matter, shape, sound) and creating videoclocks.

Selected for the 2002 Whitney Biennial, exhibitions of Kanarek's work also include The Drawing Center, New York; Beral Madra Contemporary Art, Istanbul; National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens; CU Museum, Boulder; Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University; The Jewish Museum, New York; Exit Art; The Kitchen; American Museum of the Moving Image, New York; LIMN Gallery, San Francisco; Holster Projects, London; Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh; bitforms gallery, New York; Nelly Aman, Tel Aviv; Boston CyberArts Festival; HVCCA, Peekskill; Arena 1, Santa Monica; California College of the Arts, San Francisco; Orsini Palace, Bomarzo; and Sala Uno Gallery, Rome. Kanarek’s work has also been shown in New York at Kenny Schachter Contemporary, Silverstein Gallery, Ronald Feldman Gallery, Derek Eller Gallery, A.I.R Gallery, 303 Gallery, and Schroeder Romero Gallery. Kanarek is represented by bitforms gallery.

In addition to a Rockefeller New Media Fellowship and an Eyebeam Honorary Fellowship, Kanarek is the recipient of grants from the Jerome Foundation Media Arts and New York Foundation for the Arts; commissions from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Turbulence.org, and The Alternative Museum; Kanarek’s distinctions also include a Harvestworks residency. In 1999, she founded Upgrade! International. She holds an MFA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
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Upgrade! New York, Tonight

Thu Jun 29, 2006 00:00 - Thu Jun 29, 2006

Tonight, June 29 @ 7:30 PM, Eyebeam, 540-548 west 21st street
with Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Micah Silver, Judy Dunaway


This month's Upgrade! examines participatory performance and interactivity in the context of contemporary sound art and new music. The evening brings together three artists working with sound and music: Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Micah Silver, and Judy Dunaway. Each of these artists draws their audience into the creation of their work.

Jesse will discuss Azariah: Whom Jehovah Helps, a new project weaving book arts, poetry, shape note singing, and storytelling into a participatory live event. Azariah turns its audience into an impromptu chorus and draws on Jesse's experience working with shape note singing, audience participation, and New York's religious history. Website: http://jpk.silversand.org

Micah will talk about his recent installations The Phoenix, *Asterisk, and Carousels. Each piece draws from the local audience's aural and physical experience of site as primary source material. Website: http://nophones.org

Judy will talk about her work with balloons and how she draws her audience into music-making, and will be presenting her Balloon Symphony #2. Judy Dunaway's BALLOON SYMPHONIES are audience-participation works. The Balloon Symphonies should not be performed by children under 8 years of age without adult supervision. Website: http://jdunaway.web.wesleyan.edu

Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg is a sound artist and shape note singer whose work explores politics, religious practice, singing, and personal narrative. Jesse's work is interdisciplinary. While grounded in sound, his projects have mixed book arts, installation, poetry, singing, composition, audio tour, and theater. His current work investigates the history and practice of American shape note singing and the social and religious movements of nineteenth-century upstate New York. Jesse has presented work at the Tang Museum, Boston Cyberarts Festival, Jessica Murray Projects, CCCB (Barcelona), CAC (North Adams), Google Inc., Old Songs Building, Psy-Geo Provflux Festival, Wesleyan University, and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He is a member of Festival Harmony, and of Tintinnabulate, an ensemble founded by Pauline Oliveros. His shape note music has been sung at singings throughout the Northeast, and his experimental music has been performed by Pauline Oliveros, Anne Rhodes, Angela Opell, Caterina De Re, and Tim Eastman, among others.

Micah Silver was born 1980 in Sylva, North Carolina, but grew up in rural Massachusetts. He studied music composition and art at Wesleyan University where his primary teachers were Alvin Lucier, Anthony Braxton, and Ron Kuivila. He has also studied privately with composers Lewis Spratlan and Earle Brown. Recent projects include *asterisk for 12 broken grand pianos, loudspeakers, and transduced glass, commissioned by The Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art; Carousels, a commission by the James Joyce Centre, Dublin for the centennial of Bloomsday, and The Phoenix a six-month-long outdoor installation commissioned by the City of New Haven. Further information on Silver's work can be found online at nophones.org.

Judy Dunaway is an internationally known sound artist whose works for balloons have been presented throughout North American and Europe including the Roy and Edna Disney Center, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, Seltsame Musik Festival, Podewil, ZKM, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Everson Art Museum, Bang On A Can Festival, Seance Ecoute, Diapason, Roulette, Galerie Rachael Haferkamp, Moltkerai Werkstatt, Guelph Jazz Festival, Gracie Mansion Gallery, P.S. 122, Alternative Museum, and the Swiss Institute. Awards/grants/residencies include the Aaron Copland Fund, American Composers Forum, Meet the Composer, ZKM, Harvestworks, and the NEA. Her new CD "Judy Dunaway: Mother of Balloon Music" was just released on Innova Recordings. Her discography also includes recordings on CRI and Outer Realm. Ms. Dunaway holds a M.A. in Music from Wesleyan University and a Ph.D. (candidacy) in Music Composition from State University of New York (Stony Brook).

Yael Kanarek

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Upgrade! is an international network of gatherings concerning art + tech + community (http://www.theupgrade.net).

About our partner: Eyebeam supports the creation, presentation and analysis of new forms of innovative cultural production. Founded in 1997, Eyebeam is dedicated to exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts, while simultaneously establishing and demonstrating new media as a significant genre.


Upgrade! New York w/Boo Chapple and more

Thu May 25, 2006 00:00 - Thu May 18, 2006

Upgrade! @ Eyebeam, 540-548 west 21st street (bet 10 & 11 Ave)

* THURSDAY, MAY 25, 7:00 PM *

1. Yucef Merhi & Deborah Mizrahi report on Canal and Upgrade!Caracas.

2. Boo Chapple: http://corpuseclectica.net/


1. Yucef Merhi and Deborah Mizrahi who run Canal and the Upgrade! Caracas will give a brief overview on how the current over-politicized climate in Venezuela is effecting artists and the role they see of Canal and Upgrade! in trying to subvert that (http://www.canalppc.org | http://www.canalppc.org/theupgrade).

2. Boo Chapple is an artist and researcher whose current practice deals with the uncanny nexus of life and non-life, information and matter operating in the contemporary techno-cultural arena. She will introduce her projects: I've Got Rhythm


Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell

After five years in the making, the first World of Awe
Enhanced CD is released by Innova label.

"Bit by Bit, Cell by Cell"
Yoav Gal & Yael Kanarek
Music for Soprano and Atari 800XL
with dancefilm by Evann Siebens
Designed by Mushon Zer-Aviv from Shual Studio

Artists' page on Innova website:

The CD will be in stores by May 23 and is already
available at Eyebeam's bookstore.


:: World of Awe = http://www.worldofawe.net
:: Upgrade! = http://www.theupgrade.net


Upgrade! New York Anniversary Brunch w/Graffiti Research Lab and Josh MacPhee

Sat Apr 29, 2006 00:00 - Sun Apr 23, 2006

Dear all,

Join us for Upgrade! New York's Anniversary Brunch on Saturday, April 29. We're entering the seventh year graffiti style, with the Evan Roth and James Powderly of the Graffiti Research Lab (http://graffitiresearchlab.com), and Josh MacPhee (http://www.justseeds.org/).

+ + + + + + + +

1 PM: Bagels, trimmings and the likes.

1:30 PM: Josh will take us on a whirlwind tour through the history of illegal street markings (Street Art 101), with a focus on the history of the street stencil.

2: 00 PM: Evan and James will talk about the current state of graffiti, and how the Graffiti Research Lab was formed. They will demo the tools they've developed, give out materials to make Throwies. Some of Evan's students will present their projects and/or concepts based on the work of James and Evan. We'll conclude with a little LED Throwies experiment/happening.

+ + + + + + + +

James Powderly has a masters degree from NYU's ITP program and comes to Eyebeam from Honeybee Robotics, where he has worked as a director of technology development, applications engineer, and lab foreman since 2002. At Honeybee, James developed technology for NASA's mars rover that is currently on the surface of the red planet and engineered an installation for the Architects Diller + Scofidio that was shown at the Whitney Museum of American Art. James has previously worked at Eyebeam as an artist in residence, he is a partner in RobotClothes, and the co-founder of the Robotics Society of America New York City Chapter.

Evan Roth is a recent MFA graduate from the Design Technology department at Parsons where he was his class valedictorian. He is the creator of Graffiti Analysis (video), a project that uses motion tracking, computer vision technology, and a custom C++ application to record and analyze a graffiti writer's pen movement over time. Evan's media experiments also include Explicit Content Only, Postal Labels Against Bush, and Graffiti Taxonomy.

Josh MacPhee is an artist, curator and activist currently living in Troy, NY. His work often revolves around themes of radical politics, privatization and public space. He published his first book, Stencil Pirates: A Global Survey of Street Stenciling, in July 2004 on Soft Skull Press. He also organizes the Celebrate People's History Poster Series and runs a small political art distribution website at www.justseeds.org. In addition, he regularly works with larger groups of artists to create giant collective interventionist art events such as the Department of Space and Land Reclamation and the Autonomous Territories of Chicago. He is currently working on editing two new books, one is a collection of open source radical political graphics and the other is about the intersection of art and anarchism.

Yael Kanarek

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Upgrade! is an international network of gatherings concerning art + tech + community.

About our partner: Eyebeam supports the creation, presentation and analysis of new forms of innovative cultural production. Founded in 1997, Eyebeam is dedicated to exposing broad and diverse audiences to new technologies and media arts, while simultaneously establishing and demonstrating new media as a significant genre.

Eyebeam, 540-548 west 21st street (bet 10 & 11 Ave)


Upgrade! w/Cynthia Beth Rubin and Bob Gluck, Thurs, Feb 23

Thu Feb 23, 2006 00:00 - Mon Feb 20, 2006

Cynthia Beth Rubin & Bob Gluck
Eyebeam, Thursday, February 23, 7:30 PM
540-548 west 21st street (bet 10 & 11 Ave)

Dear all,

Join us for a conversation with Cynthia Beth Rubin and Bob Gluck at Eyebeam.

Cynthia Beth Rubin and Bob Gluck will discuss their conception and construction of "Layered Histories" and converse about the joys and pains of collaboration between a visual artist and a composer in a work that required a complex meshing of skills and concepts. They will also
describe their respective previous works incorporating themes of Jewish cultural heritage, and explore how their ideas about the underpinnings of culture informed this collaboration, as well as the 1998 animation Inherited Memories, by Rubin, with music by Gluck (to be shown at the upcoming LA Jewish Film Festival).

"Layered Histories" is an interactive work weaving sounds and images associated with the wanderings of a 13th century Spanish illuminated Hebrew Bible. Using a stylus as a reading pointer, the viewer explores the surface of a "book", triggering short moving "paintings" and layered sounds, ranging from representational to abstract. Pointer movements influence the choice of material and the speed and direction of playback, opening space for personal reflection and association.

"Layered Histories: the Wandering Bible of Marseilles" is currently on exhibit at the Fine Family Gallery of the Atlanta JCC, through April 23.


Bob Gluck is a composer and performer of interactive sound installation and performance. His work includes 'Sounds of a Community' (2001