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All of our editorial publications focus on art, ideas and events in the international field of art and technology.
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Rhizome News comes out every Wednesday as an email newsletter and it presents a summary of the most compelling events, conversations, announcements, and opportunities happening in the field of art and technology. Each edition features one in-depth article, interview, review or essay written by Rhizome's staff writers or commissioned through Rhizome's Writers Initiative.
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Content from Rhizome's publications- Rhizome News and the Rhizome blog- in one RSS feed. Features original coverage of exhibitions, festivals, new projects, and more by Rhizome staff writers and an international network of artists, curators, and critics, while also offering historical insight and links to archival resources. Rhizome Inclusive is your guide to breaking news in the field of art and technology.
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This feed is updated as artworks are added to the Artbase.
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Exchange of critical commentary, projects and debates by community members.
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Job listings, grants, calls for participation, and other opportunities as well as exhibitions and events around the world.
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