Rhizome Organizational Subscriptions

Organizational Subscriptions are group memberships structured and priced for institutional communities such as universities, art schools, art centers, museums and libraries. Subscribing institutions receive full access to our peerless archive of digital art, and powerful tools and resources designed for both newcomers and experts to deepen their understanding of the field.
Subscription Rates
Pricing is based upon the estimated number of users who will be accessing Rhizome.org, and not necessarily the size of the entire institution. Many of our current subscribers generally base this estimation on the size of a relevant department or school, such as a School of Art in a larger university or an Art Department.

For more information:
212-219-1288 x302

Member Benefits
  • Full ArtBase Access
  • Greater interaction with the ArtBase, including saving, curating and viewing full artwork information.
  • Member Exhibitions
  • Forge new curatorial practices by organizing exhibits from Rhizome's ArtBase and sharing them with the public.
  • Commissions Jurying
  • Members are allowed to cast a vote in Rhizome's annual Commissions Program to determine which project will receive our Community Award. Voting also allows you to survey hundreds of proposals submitted, and engage with individual artists through feedback.
  • Free Job Postings
  • Members bypass the $25 fee and can post jobs on the Rhizome Jobs Board for free.
About Rhizome
Rhizome is a leading organization for new media and internet art. Our programs support the creation, interpretation, presentation, and preservation of this dynamic field of artistic practice. The goal of our membership program is to educate broad audiences about the history and current directions of new media art, as well as provide a gateway for professional and artistic opportunities in the field.