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Activated Memory (2011)

65.3mb mov file, duration 6:28, dimensions 720x480

Sabrina Ratté's Activated Memory is a video based on animated photographs of different Montreal parks. Activated Memory is a journey through a serene landscape where the trees and fields are at once surreal and familiar.

Through the use of video feedback, 3d animation and color manipulations, the pictures render a new kind of space, a virtual world where only fragments of "reality" subsist.

Music composed by Roger Tellier-Craig.

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About the Artist

Sabrina Ratté lives and works in Montreal. Her video work mixes digital and analog techniques and often deals with the diverse manifestations of light. Her interest in the relationship between electronic music and the video image is manifested through an ongoing collaboration with composer Roger Tellier-Craig aka Le Révélateur, with whom she also performs live video projections.

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