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Ryder Ripps's Facebook (2011)

160mb zip file, content dimensions variable

Ryder Ripps deleted his Facebook account and made it available as public art. The files are an archive of Ripps’s Facebook and the viewer is invited to explore seven years of Ripps's chats, messages, photos, video and wall posts.

In the recent issue of Bomb magazine, Geoff Dyer in conversation with Jonathan Lethem, says his short book on the film Stalker was once conceived as a text that could be read in "real time… approximately the time it took the film to unfold." Likewise, Ryder Ripps's "Ryder Ripps's Facebook" is comment on the passage of time. It includes every message sent and received, every image, every wall posting and his full list of friends, in addition to all other shared content. Rather than an invitation for scandal, the work could be interpreted as a moment in time preserved and captured, providing a temporal shift — we do not so often read our own messages from 2006, but a work like this invites us to explore the past.

Over email the artist suggested the appropriate tagcloud for the work might be, "Facebook, purekev, time, social media, work in the age of fun, friends as art, art as activity, download, delete, temporal history, privacy through rigor, celebrity, self infatuation, self as file, self as mediation, mediation/meditation, theft, lineage in the age of anonymity, laziness, ready made." It's a response to PureKEV, Kevin Bewersdorf's performance that over the course of three years, diminished the size of a gif of a sparkling white light until it's hardly visible on the website, while in the meantime he removed the rest of his work from the web. "Ryder Ripps Facebook," as interactive epistolary nonfiction, provides a frozen moment, contra to the nature of the web, which is constant flux.

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Once you've downloaded Ripps's archive, double-click the file to open it. You can view the archive's contents in your favorite browser or photo viewing application.

About the Artist

Ryder Ripps (b. 1986) is an internet based conceptual artist. He describes his work as "straight forward, bold and honest in its attempt at humanizing the digital world."

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