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Birth, Art Gallery, Death (2012)

201.43MB, screensaver application (Mac & PC)

Birth, Art Gallery, Death is a minimalist triptych in the form of a screensaver package by Elna Frederick, an obscure artist from Computers Club. With white as life and black as death, each screen saver panel marks a stage in the cycle of consciousness. Birth is the genesis of consciousness through a birth canal of white arriving out of darkness. Art Gallery, where black is conspicuously absent, is the finite enclosure of a lifetime. Its contents are the thoughts and creations arising in consciousness; representations of life. Death, represented by black slowly descending upon a white screen, is ultimately a representation of life.

Download Archive

After unarchiving the .zip folder, select the screensaver installer application for your operating system (Mac or PC). Double click the application and follow the installation instructions.

About the Artist

Elna Frederick's work stems primarily from within the Computers Club, an invite-only online community of artists working with computers. Her presence is known little beyond the group; online or elsewhere.

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