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The Download is a new program through which Rhizome shares one work per month for free download. Part curatorial platform, part incentive to budding digital art collectors, the Download highlights new works and encourages display at home-on any screen, computer, or suitable device.

Hapax Phaenomena (2011)

.Zip Archive, 75.9 MB, dimensions variable

Hapax Phaenomena is a collection of historically unique images discovered by Google image search from collaborators Clement Valla and John Cayley. The fragile and tenuous Phaenomena are organized into subcategories within the five folders; 1_discordant_wonderfulness; 2_nondurable_megabyte; 3_inventive_monetarism; 4_patriotic_leaseback; and 5_diatomic_roach. Each Phaenomena is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, a screenshot of its moment of global and historical singularity taken by one of the artists.

Download Archive

Once download is complete, unarchive the file to release its contents. Open the Hapax_Phaenomena folder to view the collection and double click to view the individual Phaenomena.

About the Artist

Clement Valla is an artist and programmer interested in processes that produce unfamiliar artifacts and skew reality. Valla works within systems, applying a ‘programmed brain’ that pushes problem-solving logic to irrational ends. 

John Cayley writes digital media, particularly in the domain of poetry and poetics. Recent and ongoing projects include The Readers Project with Daniel C. Howe, imposition with Giles Perring, riverIsland, and what we will... Information on these and other works may be consulted at Cayley is Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University, where he teaches writing in and for digital media, including electronic writing, and writing for immersive artificial audiovisual environments. Presently Cayley is obsessed, agonistically, by Writing to be Found with=against Google and other similar ‘services.’

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